Artist Statement

Longing for more time; an Artist statement

Time is my medium.

Theories in theoretical physics argue that time doesn’t exist in a linear fashion but that the past, present and future coexists and intertwines. With this in mind I believe our past can be questioned, reconsidered and altered by our present conceptions which is why exploring the past is integral to my practice.

My work explores time: considering temporality, lifespan, evolution and preservation. I’m interested in using ephemeral materials to encapsulate a moment, holding it in place to preserve something that would otherwise be lost and creating permanency in them even though they shouldn’t last.

I expose this loss and our need to preserve what we can and hold on to the preciousness of the time we have that isn’t yet gone. Through installations I try to create lifespan allowing the process to show a passage of time, exploring the way we hold on to things that are falling apart around us.

My drawings and installations intertwine creating visual poems exploring the themes of: impact and resilience, seen and unseen realties, trying to rebuild out of brokenness, and our longing to preserve something lost. The poetic nature of my work allows my audience the chance to view my inner world through shared experiences and invites them to consider moments of honest vulnerability exposed in the quiet subtlety of what they witness.